Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Opener

Well here we are at the end of March and I'm still without a properly functioning camera. It's time for me to get low-fi and creative around here.

I've never had a more appropriate spring day at work. Signs of the season were everywhere, brightening an otherwise humdrum day at the office.

baseball season, blooming into view

weather clear and beautiful enough for a silk, floral frock...
(Anthropologie "Tuileries Dress")

...and bright pink heels
(Seychelles "Woodpecker")

the cashier ringing up my lunch stopping to tell me, "your bangs are perfect."
(Urban Outfitters metal hairband)

a coworker (and friend) bringing me a beautiful, seasonal treat
(桜抹茶 cherry blossom green tea)

Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me through the silence. I hope you're out enjoying spring!


  1. Not yet enjoying spring... Tonight's low in DC is 34, sigh.

    I like the hipstamatic post. :-)

  2. Ouch! It's 70 here. B) Bet you can't wait to move back!


  3. Ahh! Love the shot of the Giants...and that's a beautiful Anthropologie dress :)

  4. I agree, the dress is lovely, but I'm more taken with those pink shoes! I'm a podiatrist, and I have daily internal battles with myself: pretty pumps vs. functional footwear??

  5. Featherfactor - Thanks! I get to look at the beautiful Giants stadium every day. I hope they make this another great year!

    GoldenGait - How sweet of you to come to my blog! I too love those shoes but by the 13th hour of my day, stuck in them, they were not so comfortable. I normally stash some comfy flats in order to get away with heels all day but I forgot this day!