Friday, November 26, 2010

Norwegian Wood

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans out there!
This is just a quick post because I'm currently in Florida with my family, lounging by a Disneyworld Pool or with a Butterbeer in hand in the Three Broomsticks. I hope your holiday has been just as fun!

Norwegian Wood;
Necklace: European Robin by N2  (Paris)
Hair: Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband
Top: Lace layering tank top and basic tee from Forever21 in blush
Bag: Pink lace bag from Etsy
Cardigan: H&M gold boyfriend cardigan
Skirt: Anthropologie Norwergian Woods skirt
Legwear: Topshop chunky knit otk socks
Shoes: Anthropologie Bouquet of Roses heels

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Laced with floral grace

Laced with floral grace;
Hat: Accessorize (UK) crocheted beret
Necklace: Topshop (UK) love birds necklace
Dress: Anthropologie Laced with Grace dress
Bag: Pink lace bag from Etsy
Tights: H&M dusty pink floral pattern tights
Boots: Seychelles Four Leaf Clover boots in dark brown

I actually have a substantial little collection of hats. I need to make better use of them because they are awesome. There is one pink cloche in particular from Anthro that I haven't worn nearly as much I should given its high levels of beauty.

I also have a slightly insane collection of patterned and colourful tights that I have been neglecting. Being an Anthro addict, I find that my current wardrobe is now almost too adorned with embroidery, print, and bright colours, so I have a hard time mixing in loud tights.  I 'm trying to invest in a few more subdued dresses and skirts now that I've weeded out a lot of old items from my closet. It has been a struggle! I have a difficult time parting with a lot of cash for something seemingly "plain" as a solid coloured item.  I think this dress and the Waffle Weave in my previous OOTD post are a good start at bringing some solids into my dress collection.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lanvin ♥ H&M

I didn't have the time nor devotion to get up early enough to be a part of the release of the Lanvin ♥ H&M collection. I decided to wander up in the afternoon to see if there was anything left to observe and try-on, then see if a friend who worked in the store was free to hang out. When I walked in around 3:30, it looked like there was nothing left of Lanvin. I looked again and found a lone tulle dress, size 8. The giant tulle dresses were what I fancied most from the collection so I knew I had to try it on. Every other woman in the store looked at it with such awe, and all the H&M employees congratulated me on good luck in finding a piece from the collection.

When I tried it on, all the crazy layers of tulle were a total fantasy. I couldn't resist taking it home with me after that.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lover's Stroll

I'm back with some new outfits of the day! Daylight savings and my work schedule have thrown a wrench into my normal updating plans but now I have some shiny new updates.

Lover's Stroll;
Hat: Accessorize (UK) crocheted beret
Necklace: Forever 21 gold, rose-adorned book locket
Dress: Anthropologie Waffle Weave Dress
Top: J.Crew tissue turtleneck in pale pink
Bag: Electric Love Letter pink rose handbag (found via Tien of adiaphane!)
Tights: Ruffian for Anthropologie brown lace tights
Shoes: Anthropologie Rensselaer T-straps

I never thought much of the lovely Waffle Weave dress until I made some Polyvore sets with a mini editor from Effortless Anthropologie some times ago. I really loved this set I made. Suddenly brown, plum purple, off-whites and pinks all came into my head and looked so beautiful together! I found a lone dress on sale a while ago and snapped it up. I desperately wanted to have a go at creating outfits based on my polyvore set. I've recreated it almost exactly with the Wish You Were Here cardigan but in the colder weather, the turtleneck here was a must.

I have to thank Tien, whom I linked above, for sharing where she got this lovely handbag. I saw it and ordered it almost on auto-pilot. I always, always, always want more pink and more roses in my life. I normally end up carrying such large handbags, but the forced simplicity of this tiny bag is actually a quite freeing. With only the essentials, I get to just run out the door and run around without being bogged down.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reviews; Field Skirt, Laced with Grace Dress, and Spinning Lace Dress

I've decided to try my hand at a few Anthropologie reviews since I recently indulged in three full priced items. With free shipping back, I ordered the items online to try on from the comfort of my home. Please excuse the smudge filled mirror and my shoe-less after work style!

First up the latest version of the Field Skirt ($78);

To be perfectly blunt, I hated this skirt! I was excited to try it because I missed out on all the previous versions that Anthro released (Circle the Globe, et al) and they seem to have a lot of love from other bloggers. I thought the corduroy fabric on this version made me look frumpy. I tried on my true size (10) and the pull on, elastic style rather than being at all forgiving, was very stiff and clung uncomfortably to my body. I suppose that means it won't stretch out easily but yuck! I looked like a lumpy mess. Return for you, skirt.

Thankfully I had much better luck (too much luck I daresay) with my two lace adorned dresses.

Now this dress was definitely for me. I love the medium, sage green colour. Continuing on, that wide, defined waist is my best friend. With a full chest, the waists on Anthro's latest offerings have not been placed to flatter me but that's not true here. The sleeves also make a lovely and delicate bell shape. I used to be far more Free People than Anthropologie in my personal style, and the romantic boho feeling of this dress fits with that aesthetic very well. I was again in my true size (10) and it was perfect. Nothing was too tight or too loose. Brilliant! This is a keeper, even at full price!

Oh, Anthro. What's a girl to do against a dress like this? I already have a weakness for lace, roses, and full skirts, so if this fit well, I knew you'd win. Unfortunately for my wallet, it fit very well so I'm waving goodbye to my money. If I had one complaint about this gorgeous dress, it would be that the waist for me is slightly high, but it's not noticeable enough to talk me out of it. I'm still in my true size (10) which is a bonus! Tracy Reese normally calls me to size-up. I can't get over how soft and lovely the material is for the lace either - gorgeous!
See this again on Tien (adiaphane), and The British Anthropologi(e)st.

I decided to return my latest Anthro items to trade for the two lace dresses. I had been hunting for the Barbergh and Southward Stop dresses but once I finally had them, I was torn. The Southward Stop wasn't very flattering on my hourglass/pear shape. With the Barbergh my lack of self-confidence did me in. Despite my Hallowe'en as Joan, the form fitting style made me too nervous. Similarly I returned the Cascading Bow Dress for being both a bit form fitting and hard to style. Red is not my colour.
They were three beautiful dresses but three that would have neglected.

That about rounds up my first batch of reviews. If you've reviewed these items on your blog as well, feel free to drop me a comment and I'll link back to you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

a privy seal to keep the feel of 1960's style

Better late than never, I wanted to show off my Hallowe'en costume. I'm still in keeping with the style theme of my blog since I'm dressed as one of my style icons, Mad Men's Joan Holloway.

I have such a weak spot for 60s style. If I could, I would dress in vintage styles pretty much every day of the week. However those who have tried vintage shopping know what a disappointing chore it can be at times. You have to contend with your favourite finds being in questionably wearable condition and in only one size. Living in San Francisco for years, I'm not wanting for selection, but when you're a larger size, finding something that fits and is a style you want is almost impossible.
Trying on my best sassy Joan faces.

Luckily for me and my Joan ambitions, I found a seamstress on etsy who made perfect replicas of her costumes. I've never had a dress that fit this well in my life! Custom made dresses are definitely the way to go (amazing blogger Kristina J knows what I mean). I need to break out my old sewing machine and brush up on techniques so I can maybe give some of this a crack myself one day.

Joan's signature pen necklace was another modern replica, but my purse and earrings are actual 60s vintage. I had the necklace before the idea for the costume. With it I get to keep a bit of Joan in even my bland days full of t-shirts and jeans.

Overall the costume was a great success and makes me long for more replicas of 60s dresses. Also, I have to admit I look pretty good as a redhead! 

With Boyfriend, as the
X-Men character Gambit.