Monday, January 31, 2011

Fresh Perspective

First, I want to thank the new followers I've gained since I last posted. I can't believe how many people follow my little style musings. Thanks everyone and welcome!

On to some unpleasant news, some life events have been holding a monopoly over my time and I didn't feel up to blogging. Last week my family had to make the choice to put down our dog, Luke (he's made it in my blog here and here, since he used to sneak into every photoshoot). I'm pretty devastated since, as those who have been through it know, losing pets just rips out your heart. Between the loss of a family friend and our dog in the past few weeks, my family's 2011 is not off to a great start. I'm soldiering on for the time being, trying to use my styling as a creative outlet to keep my mind off everything else.

I decided to tackle a trend that frankly I have found unappealing. The open, asymmetrical cardigan is something that I have seen and thought could never be cute. I had completely written it off until I was trying to style certain dresses in my closet. For pieces as fantastical as the Lolland Sweater Dress, which is just begging to be worn by a Scandinavian princess, a regular cardigan looked far too structured and modern. Suddenly the thought of one of those draped cardigans drifted by and I couldn't get it out. Luckily one was on its second price cut at Anthropologie allowing me to try it on and see if perhaps the right outfit would sell me on the look.

Fresh Perspective;
Hair: Urban Outfitters gold leaf hairband
Dress: Anthropologie Lolland Sweater Dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie Fresh Perspective cardi
Legwear: Hue opaque black tights
Shoes: Steve Madden heaven flats
Accessories: Topshop golden swallow and flower necklace
Urban Outfitters metal filigree stretch belt

I'm still not completely sure this style of cardigan is at all flattering to my shape, but I am a bit in love with how well it goes with this dress. I expect I will be trying it with a few more while the weather stays cool.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Once Upon a Dream

A little while ago, Boyfriend kindly took me to visit the Walt Disney museum on the Presidio. From its modest front doors, I wasn't sure what to expect of the place. Once inside, I was blown away by how well it was put together, and how engaging each of the exhibits were. After my family's visit to Disneyworld over Thanksgiving, I've been feeling so nostalgic for Disney films.

Since I was already indulging my childhood spending a day learning about Walt Disney and his creations, I grabbed all my girliest accessories. I've been obsessing over my Spinning Lace Dress since I got it, so here it is with a princess inspired take.

Once Upon a Dream;

Dress: Anthropologie Spinning Lace dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie angora bow sweater
Bag: Electric Love Letter pink rose handbag (found via Tien of adiaphane!)
Legwear: WeLoveColors Mocha tights
Shoes: Poetic License School Girl heels in brown
Accessories: Urban Outfitters metal filigree stretch belt
Anthropologie Jazz Age Cloche
Forever21 double key necklace
Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband
Pink rose scarf from a Paris street vendor

I've said before I love to go a little over the top a times. All the roses and pink here are definitely a bit much, but sometimes I need to embrace my inner little girl. Like many little girls, I wanted nothing more than to be a Disney princess. You can see some glimpses of Boyfriend, reflected in the trophy cases, and with me while trying to snap a photo of my shoes. He is so sweetly indulgent of my eccentricities. I know I bring out the child in him too with my silly fantasies, and with my ever-present pink and florals. I may not be a real princess, but I've found someone to play along as my prince.

Friday, January 14, 2011

White Whales

I always have fun reading other bloggers talk about "the one that got away." I have a number of Anthropologie pieces from the era before I could really afford the store's offerings that I'm hoping one day to track down. Since the current catalogue at Anthropologie is disappointingly devoid of items I'm crazy about (the Sing Sweetly dress as a notable exception), let's talk about past beauties!

I am far too obsessed with dresses for my own good, so most of my past wants are dresses.
First, the Preserves Party Dress. I never saw this in stores so I couldn't even try it on for fun. What is not to like about a strawberry coloured party frock? I keep hoping Anthropologie will release another pink, structured dress like this but so far no luck! This is probably the one item I've never seen on eBay.

The Whooo...Are...You...? Dress wins the prize for silliest product name. I tried this on in stores and despite living on $100 a month at that point, I had a crazy fantasy of charging it. The print is beautiful birds and fairies, and with an Alice in Wonderland, ultra quirky name, I must own this!

I have lost The Long Look Coat Dress on eBay at least three times now. I fear this one was never meant to be mine.

Though I own the very similarly coloured Tawny Garden Dress, I still loved the Elding Slip Dress when I tried it on. The gold overlay is so dreamy and old-world.

The Lantern's Glow Dress was the first item I went on a quest to track down, though it was ultimately a failure. It was definitely a case of trying to own something I couldn't afford, so it was probably for the best at the time. Still, with a sweetheart embellishment and birds in the skirt, I hope I can find this one day.

I had actually forgotten the Flute Song Skirt until my mum unearthed my old Anthro catalogue collection. Pink, scallops, flowers and this skirt is the cutest.

I think both the mint Art Deco Mary-Janes and the Floe & Current Coat are items every Anthropologie lover has on their wishlist. My mum is even still bugging me about the coat, and the next item, the Scalloped Spat Boots, telling me to stalk eBay. I've never seen my size in either but I still look!

I've never seen the Spiced Wine Boots in person, but I dream about finding these too. If any blogger out there has these, I'd love to see them shown off in outfit posts to live vicariously!

The last two items are home pieces. I didn't notice the Plucked Petals measuring spoons going on sale and suddenly they were gone from my local stores.
When I moved last summer, my dad accidentally broke my beloved flower shaped bowls. I haven't found any bowls to replace them that I fancy, though Anthropologie's Latte Bowls come close. I did a search and found they used to come in petal pink and now I'm hoping Anthro will re-release that colour!

Phew, this is a long post, I know! Please share your own wishes in the comments, I'd love to commiserate!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Alright, here is one of my favourite Christmas gifts I received this year. I love this silly polar bear sweater so much! I'm never one for "animal print" clothing, but images of actual animals, I'm all about. Urban Outfitters and their other brands are always good for a quirky animal or two on a dress, sweater, skirt, scarf, you name it.

Top: Urban Outfitters Polar Bear pullover
Necklace: Urban Outfitters typewriter initial necklace
Bottom: Anthropologie Alena skirt in pink & Anthropologie Scant Summer Petticoat
Legwear: Hue black tights
Shoes: Steve Madden black buckle boots
Bag: Pink lace bag from karmaloop
Outerwear: DKNY ivory ruffle peacoat
Accessory: Soft pink scarf (gift)

I'm still sad I missed out on Anthropologie's Shrewd Stitches Stole which I think, along with this sweater, were the silliest (read: cutest!) animal items released over the holidays. Unlike my foxy friend, the polar bear was a far more wallet friendly price for this much whimsy. I felt a lot less guilty putting this on my Christmas list.

I don't show it off enough, but the Alena skirt from Anthropologie is one of my best loved articles of clothing. I wish Anthro offered a few more items so perfectly pale pink. The pale pink helped me keep everything icy in theme but not totally monochromatic. I'm all for bringing a bit more colour into my outfits, especially if that colour is pink.

I've also grabbed one of my favourite pieces of outwear to show off. I'm a sucker for cream coats, no matter how impractical they are in practice. Cream just looks so beautiful in winter! I love to be able to stand out from the sea of black.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Catching up on the last of the winter holidays, here is my New Year's Eve ensemble. New Year's seemed like the perfect place to display my Lanvin for H&M dress. Gray with a gold sash seemed perfectly festive, and easily matched with other shiny accessories. I'm becoming more fond of gold lately so I again broke out the Ulltra glitter heels. I had to add a few nods to the holiday with my jewelry choices.

I'm into dressing a bit literally when it comes to holidays or occasions, as corny as that seems. I know that's a bit "too much" for some people, but I find it so fun. Maybe that's my old theatrical penchant for wearing costumes. Honestly if I could dress in costumes on a daily basis, I would probably give in to that temptation. Do you consciously match a holiday or event when you dress up?

Happy New Year;
Dress: Lanvin ♥ H&M gray tulle dress with gold sash
Necklaces: Forever21 faux pocket watch & double key necklaces
Rings: Modcloth Time on Your Hands clock ring & silver rabbit ring (gift from a friend)
Legwear: Anna Sui for Anthropologie Minuet in 3/4ths tights
Shoes: Steve Madden Ulltra gold glitter heels

The Lanvin dress is almost overwhelming in its volume but that is exactly what I adored about the look. I had to sit with my dress half on my friends' laps at my New Year's Eve party, but everyone found it entertaining. This dress is definitely a fantasy and I'm so happy I could indulge for New Year's. I also got to break out my new Anna Sui pink gold shimmer lip gloss and the Paul & Joe rosegold nail polish to match the outfit. I had to take the latter off before the photos but I'll feature it again one day soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Christmas Carol [Christmas Outfit 3 of 3]

I have been meaning to post these outfits for some time, but as they say, life got in the way. After my lovely, relaxing holidays, I'm sorry to say my family lost one of its oldest friends. A longtime friend of my dad's passed away, and though he's not one to show a lot of emotion, he's devastated. My mum was out of town at the time, so in-between some long work hours, I tried my best to take care of him for the last week. I've really been quite sad about things for my ole dad. I know you always idealize your parents, like even as they get old, to you they just can't be that old, but he really is too young to be losing his friends this way. It's hard to start the new year this way. At least after some reminiscing with other friends and his friends' family, my dad's in better spirits today.

Here is the last of my belated Christmas celebration outfits. The gorgeous dress was a Christmas present from my mum. I decided I couldn't wait to wear it. I found it was perfect to make a good impression on Boyfriend's grandparents, whom I met for the first time on Christmas Day.

A Christmas Carol;
Dress: Anthropologie Peggy Sue dress
Necklace: Accessorize brown and peach Y-drop necklace
Cardigan: Old Navy ruffle cardigan
Legwear: Accessorize white lace tights
Shoes: Steve Madden brown kitten heels (superrrr old!)

On the mantle behind me, you can see some of my mum's Scandinavian Santas, as well as a bit of the Anthropologie "Happy Holidays" garland I purchased last New Year. The garland is simple cream, with silver, gold, and green beading with dangling leaves to embellish it. At over $100 before the holidays, I never thought to buy it. However after Christmas sales at a mere $20, it had to be mine. I got to show it off this year and it's just as gorgeous as I remember.

I've also sneakily included another entry in my book set, showing off Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." I couldn't let the holidays end without reading this story at least once.