Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pride & Prejudice

I'm still soldiering on without a camera of my own, so thank you to all my readers for bearing with me! I've finally been able to borrow Boyfriend's to try and get back in the outfit of the day groove.

I wasn't expecting to love the First Hints blouse before I tried it on. I ignored it on the website despite the beautiful print since I figured it would be shapeless on me. I was surprised by how much I loved it, despite the shapeless drape. I was partially swayed by how many outfit ideas flew into my head once I had it on.

I've put on some winter pounds, so I've stayed away from some of my favourite pieces that I felt showed off the gain. My menswear shorts fell victim to that, but I knew this blouse was meant to be paired with them. I put aside my insecurities and proudly wore this spring ready outfit today.

Pride & Prejudice;

Top: Anthropologie First Hints blouse in ivory
Bottom: Urban Outfitters menswear tweed shorts
Shoes: Chie Mihara Alegra platform mary-janes
Bag: Coach Madison Sabrina in pale pink
Accessories: Hue opaque tights in black
Forever21 layering camisole
Forever21 drop charm necklace

P.S. I want to thank a local Anthropologie SA, Anna, for being so cheerful and sweet on my last visit into the store! Hopefully I'll get a chance to try on the Overwhelmed Aster Dress she recommended soon!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dogs & Prairie dresses

2011 had started rough for my family and it seems it's determined not to let up yet. I've spent the last week wading through intense uncertainty my job. Everything has been, to say the least, unpleasant. On the bright side, it is amazing how much troubled times are soothed by coming home to a cute puppy.

Boyfriend and I took my new family dog, Ben, out for a walk at a nearby park this beautiful Sunday afternoon. He's a rescue who is part Black Lab and, we think, Border Collie. We couldn't have asked for a sweeter dog.

Dogs & Prairie Dresses;
Anthropologie Plains & Prairies dress
Top: Miss Selfridge pink and cream polka dot shirt
Shoes: Anthropologie Winding Ruffle boots
Bag: Coach Madison Sabrina in pale pink
Accessories: Urban Outfitters leather waist belt
Urban Outfitters metal hairband
Forever 21 pink songbird necklace
Betsey Johnson floral sunglasses

The Plains & Prairies dress was not something I initially coveted when I saw in last year. I found it alone in the sale room a bit after it was marked down and tried it on for fun. I was amazed and delighted at how well it fit me. The one complaint I had was that the top was a bit immodest on me. The adjustable straps help, but overall this was an item meant to be layered with a shirt. I barely ever wear the dress without this polka dot top under it.
The dress lightly lined and a bit long, making it perfect for spring. I love adding sleeves to make my dresses a bit more spring seasonal - the perfect thing to throw on without a cardigan for breezy, dog-walking days.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

50s frocks for spring

If you're shaped at all like me, the current 70s trend that retailers like Anthropologie are embracing for spring doesn't do a thing for you. Sure, it's beautiful in theory, but put those looks on my wide, short, curvy self and it's a non-starter. Thankfully, one of my favourite UK high street chains, Monsoon, has some ultra feminine frocks to thrill me for spring. They're embracing the 50s housewife silhouette, which is a look near and dear to my heart. I hope for those similarly unsuited for the 70s boho look, this list provides a little eye candy for the season.

I'm currently hoping to indulge in some of these beautiful things;

Meadow Dress, £95
(Oh how I love thee!)

Mia Dress, £180
(If not for the unfortunate price tag, this would already be mine!)