Tuesday, July 19, 2011


What a fabulous birthday! I should bake and throw a party every year! Being lucky as I am to have such a great group of friends, I ended up with an overly generous assortment of lovely things to show off here on the blog. I was especially excited to be given my first set of "real" jewelry from Boyfriend. I didn't expect it by any means, which made it even sweeter. He cleverly bypassed my birthstone (red is not my colour) and selected a set of blue topaz. The shade of blue is exquisite and will go anything in my wardrobe.

Also contributing to this outfit, my friend Tammie gifted me this awesome Target purse. The colour is a perfect neutral for all my pastels and is quickly becoming my favourite bag of the summer.
Amanda and share a mutual love for owls, and she picked out this gorgeous peachy pink owl brooch from Etsy. I anticipate using it often as it also lends itself pretty well to my personal colour scheme.

The last birthday goodie is this breezy, cotton dress. I don't think I ever noticed this online, but when I was grabbing up items to try for my birthday discount, I fell in love. Subtle cherry blossom print in a sky blue, machine washable (!) ... what's not to like?

Dress: Anthropologie Beau Ideal dress (on sale, give it a try!)
Top: H&M peach cropped cardigan
Bag: Target mocha shoulder bag
Shoes: Anthropologie Dearie Me wedges
Accessories: Cushion-cut blue topaz ring & necklace
Anthropologie High Prairie belt
Etsy custom owl brooch


  1. So glad you had a good birthday! Your party was delightful. :-)

  2. You look so girlish and sweet and beautiful! I'm glad you were regaled with appropriately wonderful gifts for your birthday :)

  3. Glad the bag is getting the love it deserves xD. I never buy Target bags but it was too cute...however it didn't really fit my style, I think it was just trying to find it's way to you hehe.