Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lantern's Glow

I made a post recently listing my favourite Anthropologie items that got away from me. Most of the items I've been pining after for at least two years, so I didn't expect to suddenly find the items after sharing my list but for two items, that's exactly what happened. There must be some sort of magic from writing down their names. Years of never seeing my size and before I even hit publish on the post, they showed up on eBay. I didn't get the best deal on this dress, but after a certain point of pining after it, I didn't care. I did get a deal on the other item though so I felt it balanced out. Both items were in perfect shape and I was giddy with excitement when they both fit perfectly. I'll be posting an outfit with the other item soon!

Lantern's Glow;
Dress: Anthropologie Lantern's Glow Dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie In For A Frill Cardigan
Accessories: Urban Outfitters typewriter initial necklace
Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband
Bag: Mulberry for Target patent satchel
Legwear: Anthropologie Mademoiselle Tights
Shoes: Steve Madden patent pumps

This dress is even better than I remember it! The waistband is in a perfect spot and it is as flattering as I could hope. I love the bird design so much that I didn't feel up to adding colour to the rest of my outfit to distract from it. I'm feeling really subdued lately, and wearing a lot of neutrals. Maybe it's the gray weather. Or maybe, as much as I prefer colour in my life, I'm admitting sometimes an item looks best left to stand-out.

I really adore this cardigan, though I'm not showing it off to its best. I was concerned with the slightly baggy fit, but I've just scored a small on a pop-back to exchange my medium. I've really been scanning my wishlists at Anthropologie more than usual. The new arrivals have been doing nothing for me. I expect to be trolling eBay even more often so maybe my luck will continue to the rest of my list..!


  1. Very pretty, Alissa! I'm so happy for you that the dress is now yours. I've lusted after it myself, but the prices on ebay have been a pretty good deterrent. Fingers crossed you are able to get the rest of your list for a decent price!

  2. The dress is adorable!! and you look great in it!! I've been scanning my list too! I actually have fun getting 2nd cut items!

  3. That is such a pretty dress, I'm so glad you were able to find some of your most wanted items.

  4. That dress fits you beautifully! I have always loved that Anthro dress, I think the name they gave it fits it well too. I keep checking my wishlist daily for popbacks. It's also fun to find an item on ebay you've been pining for. I was happy to score one of my most wanted items on ebay I missed out on with the big Anthro sale last month, the Blue Horizon Booties, and at a great price too! Good luck finding the rest of your list! :)
    ~ Athena

  5. You look super-super sweet. just lovely. How cool that you found this.
    Kristina J.