Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To splurge or not to splugre

The one upside to being uninterested in Anthropologie's latest offerings is that I have been able to focus on some older desires. For instance, I've found three items off my Anthro "White Whales" list, which has brought me quite a lot of satisfaction. I've also been able to sell a few items from the back of my closet so I'm looking at having a bit more disposable income than usual come next month. I've been thinking of saving up for a purchase (shock) outside of Anthro.

Thanks to Anjali's influence, I've been lurking a lot on Kate Spade's website. I was previously indifferent to her designs, but now a couple of items have caught my eye. I'm thinking one of these beautiful things will make the cut if I close my eyes and decide to splurge.

Emma & Great Expectations book clutches, $325 each


  1. I was just drooling over that Melody dress, too! I will be wishing and hoping for major sale cuts on that one :)

  2. Since I am such a handbag/accessory freak I am going to have to vote for the book clutch, specifically the Emma one (strikes me as the most Alissa of the 2 xD).

  3. Kate Spade has become near to replacing Anthro as my main obsession! You have some great picks!! I have those Strawberry Karolinas myself (surprise surprise) and I think you would love them too. And the Emma clutch's coloring and design is soooo you. I want a book clutch too but might hold out till Fall -- they have Pride & Prejudice and A Tale of Two Cities coming out then :)

    BTW, if you are considering splurging, you can use the code BRRR20 for $50 off $250 until the 18th :)

  4. JG - I don't have a lot of optimism that this will make it to sale since the website featuring it so heavily with Bryce Dallas Howard but I wish it would too!

    Tammie - Haha, yeah I figured you'd fancy a bag best out of bags, shoes, and clothes!

    Anjali - I figured you'd own them, haha! The colour is perfect, I'm dying for some darker pink heels. You and Tammie nailed it, I love the design and colours of the Emma clutch! I'm only torn because Great Expectations is one of my favourite books. I'm excited to see more designs come out, though. I'd go crazy for a Sherlock Holmes one.
    Thanks for the code too!