Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost in my garden

I've spent the last two months wandering. I've been fighting with my employer to, strangely enough, let me go, and let me leave with what I think I'm owed. They've been less than cooperative and it has been exhausting. I'm hopefully at the end of the fight now but I'm left with a new task - what do I actually want to do? My old job had been something I fortunately fell into, making my way through undergrad. Before this moment, I've never stopped to actually think about this question. I have pie-in-the-sky dreams of course, but nothing grounded in reality. I expect this summer I'll have a lot more wandering through gardens to do...

Lost in the garden;
Dress: Anthropologie Beda Shirtdress in white
Bag: Urban Outfitters BDG Primary Satchel
Shoes: Steve Madden lea oxfords (old and trusted favourites)
Accessories: Urban Outfitters leather belt
Anthropologie Meadowlark cameo necklace
Urban Outfitters floral metal hairband
Ruffian for Anthropologie floral lace tights

This dress is a challenge to wear. The preppy cut and collar is a bit outside of how I normally style myself. I have trouble thinking the bright white and stiff collar go with much of anything. Bright red maybe, but outside of fresh strawberries, that is a colour I avoid. It sounds silly, but it's an accurate piece for my relationship to my old job. I put on this dress and feel comfortable, but I never feel quite like myself.

Courtesy of my backyard.


  1. well i like it...but that's more how i dress. or will dress as soon as i gather the funds.

  2. I'm going to come over and eat your strawberries since my yard isn't ready for my future garden yet!

  3. Thank you, lovely ladies! :)

    Tammie, you are welcome to come over any time and eat the strawberries. Our little plants keep producing them every day which is awesome.