Friday, June 24, 2011

Sun Hats

I love summer. I love swimming, lemonade, fresh fruit, and sun hats. I didn't always enjoy dressing for it, but now I wait all year for the easy days of my pulling out my Anthropologie sun dresses not agonizing over matching shoes, tights, cardigans, or coats. Don't get me wrong, the challenge is fun too, but a few weeks without it is a welcome break.

This is actually my first true summer vacation in many years. I can't remember life without a full time job, a summer job, or summer reading lists. Unemployment is scary, and will soon get boring I'm sure, but right now, the ease of it is refreshing.

Ah, this dress... I forgive your unflattering pleats on my stomach for your beautiful colours and fantastic print.

Sun Hats;
Anthropologie Wisteria Halter Dress
Shoes: Anthropologie Dearie Me Wedges
Accessories: Urban Outfitters braided sun hat
Accessorize rose necklace
Bow clutch from local boutique
Betsey Johnson floral sunglasses


  1. You look beautiful and so easy breezy! I love summer too and its simplicity of sundresses and sandals, but at times the heat can be exhausting. Enjoy your time off from work in the meanwhile and catch up on things you've always wished you had time for!

  2. you look beautiful!! I wanted to use some other word than Dea, but word "beautiful" was so perfect. I love your hat!!!

  3. Thank you both!
    I am definitely enjoying the time off. I'm so glad that it's during summer. :)

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