Saturday, August 21, 2010

Marine Mural

I suppose a quick introduction is in order given that this is my first post. My name is Alissa. I'm a San Francisco Bay Area native and am quite twee. I love all things pink, frilly, covered in lace, adorned with birds, that sort of thing. In the last few years, developing my personal style has become my obsession. I landed my first grown-up job and have been indulging myself ever since with every beautiful Anthropologie offering that has caught my eye. I've been hoping for a while I could keep a blog for an archive of my styling and outfit choices so I am very excited to begin that process.

On to my first "Outfit of the Day!"

To start off with a bang, this outfit is a two-in-one situation. I am taking my first vacation from work in 13 months, and in that time, I decided to fill it with small trips to my favourite parts of Northern California. One of the trips was to Monterey Bay to get a glimpse of the huge population of Blue and Humpback Whales currently migrating through the area. Since we had to go on a boat at 9 am going 10 miles off-shore, I decided to add some layers that I could peel off later for a nice meal back on land.

Boating look (above)
Hairband: Drugstore hairband ($2 but the best finishing piece!)
Dress: Anthropologie Marine Mural Dress
Coat: Anthropologie First Frost Coat
Top: JCrew turtleneck tee
Necklace: Handmade from a boutique in Cannes
Legwear: Target leggings
Shoes: Seychelles Four Leaf Clover boots

Swapped for land (right)
Cardigan: Pink ruffled cardigan from Marshall's
Bag: Pink lace bag from Etsy (a recent birthday gift!)
Legwear: Ruffian for Anthropologie Luxe Dotted Tights in wine
Shoes: Seychelles Kiss At Midnight or Anthropologie Hidden Sun mary-janes in sand

I don't normally keep my hair in braids (it makes me look like such a milk-maid) but I knew the windy weather would whip it in my face and drive me nuts. Even though Nathalie Lete's beautifully painted marine mural is the focal point of my outfit, my favourite part is the necklace. My mum gave this necklace to me for my 21st birthday after she'd returned from the Cannes Film Festival. She bought it from a woman who handmade each piece she sold. Mum selected this piece for the colour, and because the charms like the seashells, the bird, the heart and the Buddha all reminding her of me.

I have to end this post with a thank you to the lovely Anjali of goldenmeans. She made a post in July alerting me to an and Bing cash-back deal which is how I ended up with the Seychelles Kiss At Midnight pumps in my second outfit.


  1. I'm so happy you decided to start a blog! I still remember my jaw dropping at your styling of the Pictureshow Dress. I love the Marine Mural dress so much, but was having a hard time putting together outfit ideas. I almost returned it! Now seeing Anjali and you style it has convinced me to keep it.

    I can't wait to see more!

  2. Thank you so much, Tien! And thank you for being my first follower!
    The Marine Mural dress has so many possibilities in my eyes. It's blank canvas up top and so many bright colours on the skirt, you can make so many different combination work well.

  3. I just noticed on your latest comment that your name was now hyperlinked, which meant you have a blog! Yay :) Your looks have been adorable so far (loooove all pastels interacting in this outfit) and I can't wait to see more!

  4. Thank you, Anjali! I thought it might be fun to have a blog of my own since I love reading seeing all you ladies post your outfits and display your style. :)