Monday, August 23, 2010


I kept admiring Anthropologie's Primula Dress throughout summer. In one major way this dress wasn't a normal selection for me. Basically it was black, and a black summer dress no less! Still, I kept thinking about how much I loved the print. I've had some comments it looks Middle Eastern, some comments that it looks Asian, and personally I think it looks Germanic. The lovely thing about it is that the lavender, purple, and blue tempers the otherwise too harsh black and keeps it a seasonally appropriate sundress. As a (super flattering) halter, it is a perfect wear-and-go piece that requires little styling for those days that creep into the 90s. I am glad though that I waited for it to go on sale. I was worried I missed it, but luckily a kind reader at the amazing Effortless Anthropologie alerted me to a pop-back in my size.

Today's outfit (above);

Dress: Anthropologie Primula Dress
Hair: Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband (right)
Necklace: Betsey Johnson Turtle & Calm Shell necklace (below)
Shoes: Desire + Triton by melissa kitten heel sandals
Eyewear: Cheap sunglasses from an H&M in Copenhagen

Most of my necklaces seem to be gifts and so I have a lot of attachment to them. The necklace in this outfit was a recent birthday gift from my boyfriend. I really adore all things Betsey Johnson. She speaks to all the girliest, over the top parts of my personality and style. Boyfriend made a point to tell me all his reasoning behind selecting this necklace. He knows I'm obsessed with the ocean and water, so he thought of my star sign to find something ocean themed with pearls. He also remembered my fawning over baby sea turtles during a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. He did very well.

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