Sunday, August 29, 2010

Memo: memory boards

Right now I'm living between places. I had been in a shared apartment for my undergrad career but after a recent string of unfortunate luck with potential new places, I am in limbo (aka my family home). Don't get me wrong, there are upsides. For one, I've missed having a dog around every day. However it is rather disheartening on a day to day basis.

To keep up my positivity while I'm here, I spend a lot of my time picking out pieces for the first home that will be just mine. My main inspiration is a ribbon board I've had on my bedroom wall for a few years. As it is Parisian themed, I filled it with postcards and momentos from my trip to Paris. The colours for my future home are pulled right off this board - my favourite pinks, subtle blues, whites, and black for that Parisian accent. My other inspiration from this item is the fact that as a board, it's overall look is customizable based on the placement of my personal trinkets. I was really drawn to the idea that the look of my walls could change with just small touches. I thought to continue that theme through other boards.

To find things to fit my girly colour palette and French inspiration, I looked to Etsy. There are so many talented craftspeople on Etsy, I knew I'd find exactly what I wanted there. I found a few very cute white boards, but I was really wowed when I found two sellers with magnet and chalkboards.

Seller ShugabeeLane is a husband and wife team who make adorable magnet boards for children's rooms or just to cute up your own walls.

White and blue floral magnet board

The board I bought from this store is probably the most delicate and girly one she had up for sale, so I will probably buy a black framed board from her as well to balance the colours.

My other favourite seller is Revived Vintage. She paints vintage frames to make what have to be the most beautiful chalkboards I have ever seen.

I already bought one board from her store, but I am definitely coming back for more. What really appealed to me was the over-sized nature and oval and other shaped frames her shop offers. I really envision my living room centering around a few of her large chalkboards. My hope is that people visiting my home creates the opportunity for a new piece of art for my wall. All her boards are compatible with chalk ink pens, so the possibilities are endless. I can't wait until I can make this a reality!

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