Friday, August 27, 2010

Pretty Things

After four days of camping in Big Sur, it's hard to get back to civilization. I can't even think about going back to work on Monday. But, to help me get back into swing of things, here's my outfit from last Monday.

My boyfriend and I went to go see Rufus Wainwright at a beautiful winery in the local hills. I've loved Rufus' music for years but never had the opportunity to see him live. I wanted to dress fancy so luckily for me, I finally get to show off a more typical "Alissa" outfit to this blog. Fancy and pink are the name of my usual game, and this dress couldn't be any girlier.

Pretty Things;
Dress: Anthropologie The Road Ahead dress
Hair: Green floral hairband from SF boutique (right)
Bag: Coach Madison / Sabrina in pink
Shoes: Madden Girl patent heels in blush
Necklace: Miss Selfridge Paris necklace (right)

I really love my Coach bag. To be honest, I normally am not a huge handbag girl. I prefer bags I pay about $20-30 for so then I can beat them up on the subway everyday, lug my books around in them, and so on. However, a few years ago I was going through a pretty tough time with my family and adjusting back to the US after spending time in England, and I saw this bag and fell in love. Pink is my weakness and I'd never seen a fancy "brand name" handbag actually look -cute- before I saw this one. I thought they were all always shouting their logo and basically only came in black or other jewel tones. Pastels always seemed few and far between, and for me, if I was going to throw down that crazy amount of cash, it had to be pastels or nothing. I spent about 4 or 5 months saving up from my paycheck and finally decided to plunk down the cash for this beauty. I had to track down the very last one left in the Bay Area but it was completely worth all the trouble. I always get compliments on this bag and rarely see any other handbags in a classic style come in pastel pink.


  1. I love Rufus! I saw him a couple of years ago at the Masonic Center and he was fabulous.

    I love your pink Coach bag. I generally don't like handbags that their linings on the outside. I'm all for understated class.

    You look great in pink.

  2. Hearing him live felt like I was hearing him for the first time! He is magical.

    I completely agree on handbags. Normally Coach is not my thing, but this style is so elegant and timeless.

    Thank you! It is by far my favourite colour not only to wear but just in life. :)

  3. OMG, I LOVE that dress. I nearly bought that so many times and have serious regret about not doing so. So pretty!

  4. Alissa,

    Love the dress. I first saw you on Anthroholic Readers Outfits and today commenting on Passion For Fashion (Chrissy).

    To be truthful I have a love/hate relationship with PINK. So I am expossing myself to the color Pink and those who love it.

    I also used to dislike Navy and Stripes. Anthropologie and Anthro Bloggers have shown me the light. I now love what I once thought of as Drab Navy, and adore what I once feared from the Stripe.

    You are my Pink Salvation. Here I am hoping to discover a use and love of Pink in my fashion creations.

    And I really need a pink handbag. I have been putting off re-searching a choice because I would use it so little.

    Love your sweet pink loving blog, Laura (GeoInCalifornia) Anthro Closet Chaos

  5. Chrissy - I ended up finding mine on eBay right after it went on sale. All the sale ones in my local store were stained with face make-up. eBay has helped me with a number of my coveted Anthro items!

    Laura - There will be a lot more pink in my blog as it continues to grow! It would truly be a compliment to see you inspired by the colour by my use of it. Pink can convey an elegance, show joy, or be politely demure, and so much more.

    I totally sympathize with having to see a colour used well to understand it in fashion. Black and I had a very tortured relationship for a long time. I am only now opening up to the outfit possibilities of black.

  6. This outfit is so beautiful and feminine. I am not one for pink things in general, but there is something about that handbag that looks like a little confection, it is fabulous. I am hankering after a pink Miu Miu bow bag for the same reason! Anyhow, I think it was the perfect accent to this dress, along with your sweet necklace and shoes. Oh, and I love the picture of you in the Pictureshow dress in your head as well!

  7. Thank you! I know pink has a bit of a taboo with a lot of women, but I just embrace my love of it whole-heartedly and wear it proudly.
    Oh gosh, I remember that Miu Miu bag you posted on your blog. I adore it!
    Thanks again. My 13 year old brother actually took the picture in my header with his cell phone. Not bad considering!

  8. u have such a romantic dressing sense ... a girl can be never old enough to wear pink :) ... I am ur newest fan :)

    The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes