Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hound of the Baskervilles

I've been working seemingly endless hours lately. This is the price I pay for being an overachiever, even now that I've left school. I absolutely love this outfit. This dress is one of my "White Whales" that I managed to get my hands on thanks to eBay. I remember this coming out a few years ago when I couldn't afford Anthropologie prices. I grabbed two sizes off eBay when it popped up and thankfully one was a perfect fit. Thanks to the awesome Trade Market on Effortless Anthropologie, I was even able to sell the extra dress to another Anthro fan!

This really has everything I could ever want in a dress; lace, cream ribbons, a bow, a poofy skirt, and a perfectly defined waist. I truly think it looks best with some rugged brown boots and a utilitarian bag. With the beautiful Winding Ruffle boots, I still keep everything ultra girly.
I'm excited I waited this long to post actually, because it means I'm onto a new book!

The Hound of the Baskervilles;
Dress: Anthropologie Hour by Hour dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie Wish You Were Here cardi
Bag: Urban Outfitters BDG Primary Satchel
Necklace: Silver birdcage (gift from a friend)
Boots: Anthropologie Winding Ruffle boots

This weekend is the San Francisco Treasure Island Music Festival. My favourite band in the world, Belle & Sebastian, are headlining on Sunday and I can't wait. I've put off listening to their new album in order to experience the new material live for the first time. I can't even say how much live music means to me. There's nothing like the energy of the musicians and watching a whole room of people feel as thrilled as you to hear a great song.


  1. That dress looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you!! The necklace goes perfectly with it (:

  2. Oh wow, I never thought that much of the Hour by Hour dress; it seemed way too structured. It looks absolutely stunning on you though! And those beautiful brown accessories against it -- amazing! Love this look :)

    Have fun at the Treasure Island Festival! I went the last two years but can't do it this weekend. So envious of you getting to see Belle & Sebastian!

  3. Oh I love Belle & Sebastian! How fun!

    You are so amazing at creating these fantastic romantic looks! The kace is beautiful with the birdcage necklace and your lovely hair!


  4. You look lovely! I'm on the hunt for this dress now!! And I really heart the bag! =)
    Kristina J.

  5. Cindy - Thank you! It's a really subtle piece that goes perfectly with so many outfits.

    Anjali - Thanks! It became one of my favourite dresses pretty quickly after I tried it on.
    B&S were absolutely amazing. I was lucky enough to run into Stuart after and he said they're planning to return soon! Keep an eye out.

    Lori - Thank you very much. My hair always seems like a mess to me. ;)

    Kristina - eBay was pretty good to me for this dress, so good luck! The bag was a bit pricey for what it is but a classic satchel like I wanted was hard to find cheap.

  6. Alissa--Someone on EA just posted that a size 8 Southward Stop Dress is appearing on their wishlist. Isn't this the size you are looking for?

    Southward Stop Shirtdress - $128.00 - style #18823799 - size 8

  7. Thank you for the heads up, Tien. By the time I was able to check Anthro, it seems it was gone. Oh well!