Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rainy Day Weather & てるてる坊主

First off, I want to thank Anna who works at my local Anthro store. I was out shopping today with Boyfriend, and she recognised me from the blog and said she was a reader! You don't know how much that made my day, Anna!

Rainy Day Weather;
Umbrella: Lulu Guinness birdcage bubble umbrella
Top: Anthropologie Raining, Pouring blouse (and F21 layering tank)
Cardigan: H&M slouchy lavender cardigan
Necklace: Urban Outfitters Cancer Zodiac charms
Jeans: Urban Outfitters BDG skinny jeans
Shoes: Seychelles Four Leaf Clover boots
Bag: ALDO Gairo fuchsia, bow adorned bag

I actually love the rain, but today it ruined my plans which mainly involved frolicking in a pumpkin patch. I decided to embrace the weather with one of my recent sale scores and pull out my favourite umbrella. I really owe my friend Gail for being willing to ship me this beautiful Lulu Guinness umbrella from London last year. I spend almost every rainy day with it on my arm.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this blouse at first. As a curvy girl, billowy tops do basically nothing for me. I love the idea of them, but I'm never sure if I'm really pulling off the look. My skinny jeans and tall boots I think help keep the bottom of my outfit sleek enough to balance the blouse. I'll take it anyway! The beautiful fall colours and quirky print of this top are making me blind to its faults.

As I mentioned the rain did spoil our original weekend plans, so Boyfriend and I made some teruterubouzu (てるてる坊主). For those unfamiliar, these little guys are sun buddies that are meant to send good weather when you hang them from your window. In high school I went on a few trips to Japan. During my longest stint, I spent a summer with a family that had five daughters. It was a rainy summer, so my youngest sisters and I would make teruterubouzu dolls in the mornings. Hopefully they'll work in my favour so I can grab a few pumpkins before Hallowe'en!


  1. very cute! I love the necklace!! and..てるてる坊主懐かしい!! 小学生の時に作ってたよ~ 笑

  2. I too am super wary of billowy tops, but wow, you pulled this one off so well Alissa! You look chic and beautiful in this outfit. And how lovely is that umbrella?

    Oh! And I think I know your Anna! She is the sweetest. I haven't seen her around my store in ages and it makes me sad! Did she move to the SF one?

  3. Keiko - ありがとう! *笑* 時々、私の心は小学生のだと思う。

    Anjali - Thank you! Lulu Guinness makes the most amazing umbrellas.
    My local these days in the Santana Row store in San Jose and that's where I met my SA!

  4. Oh sweet joy! You are so cotton pickin' cute, Alissa and Anjali. Alissa, I was a bit nervous and asking myself if I should ask you if you are the girl from your cute little blog. I'm so happy I did. It was so very sweet meeting you!

    Very sincerely,
    Anna from Anthropologie

  5. Alissa, you look so lovely for a rainy day. The blouse is just the perfect thing and looks really flattering on you.

  6. Anna & Dea - Thank you both for the kind words!