Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orange October

Orange October;
Dress: Anna Sui for Target orange striped dress
Scarf: H&M knit circle scarf (oldddd)
Cardigan: H&M gold cardigan
Legwear: Hue black tights
Shoes: Steve Madden boots
Bag: ALDO Gairo fuchsia bag
Necklace: Silver birdcage (gift from a friend)

This is a pretty loud outfit but when I feel like being bold, I really go bold.
I adore orange. I knew had to have this dress when Anna Sui's line for Target came out. I honestly wanted to buy half the items from that collection. I still regret putting down the cute knickers as I've never been able to track them down in my size again. Alas.

As much as I love it, I wish it was easier to wear this outside of the Hallowe'en season. Like last year, I'm planning to wear it out until December. I'm really milking it this year since at the moment, the San Francisco Giants are halfway to winning the World Series! I'm probably more an Oakland A's girl at heart, but I was raised by my dad to love baseball and our home teams. I have just as many memories of freezing nights at Candlestick Park as I do in The Coliseum.

To be honest, I never know how I feel about these boots. I bought them for my Hallowe'en costume last year and have barely worn them since. They are bit too hard for my normal aesthetic. As boyfriend pointed out, they have a bit of an "edge" that I don't normally sport. After autumn ends, I think they're heading back to the dark corners of my closet.

Like the dress, however, my feelings on this kooky scarf are not at all mixed - it was love at first sight.


  1. i would never pegged you a baseball fan! a giants *and* anthro lover?! you're my kinda gal! :) 'tho i'm on the east coast, i grew up rooting big time for the giants (my dad was a huge fan before they left ny for sf and stuck w/them!) and spent summer vacations chillin' (literally and figuratively!) at candlestick (miss the 'stick, but at&t park is beautiful!). lovin' their world series start...GO GIANTS!!

    ah yes, and now that i know the significance of your black and orange anna sui dress, i adore it even more! great mix of colors and look adorable (w/just a bit of toughness from the boots!)

  2. I was so tempted by that dress when that line came out, but I didn't think I'd have a good place to wear it. You carry it off well though. I actually like your boots (but I like pieces with a bit more edge sometimes) but I can see how they don't fit with your normally more romantic, feminine aesthetic.


  3. Anon - Thanks and GO GIANTS indeed! Their victory is awesome and feels surreal. :) I was actually quite a tomboy growing up since my mum was away and spent a lot of time with my dad. Like I said, more of an A's girl at heart but I think baseball is great and the Giants are as much a part of my childhood as them! I definitely thought of them when I snapped up this Anna Sui dress.

    Lori - Thank you! Yeah the boots don't fit into my normal look very well but I keep them around for days like this!

  4. gr88 outfit again .. I passed on dress even for a super sale price on target clearance(like 10 dollar ?) .. only if i had seen ur this pic before

    The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes