Friday, October 1, 2010

Lady Chatterley's Lover

My relationship with jeans and trousers is a hot and cold one. I can never decide if I love or hate them and the way I dress tends to reflect these bipolar moods. When I was younger, I lived in jeans. I was self-conscious of wearing the skirts and dresses I truly wanted so I kept my outfits simple and based on jeans. In recent years, I tossed them aside for the thrill of skirts and dresses I coveted and haven't looked back. Now when faced with coordinating daily outfits for the office, I've been turning to jeans again.
My casual office gives me a lot of freedom but sometimes I feel I fit in best with just a blouse, jeans, and some sensible heels. I still feel mixed wearing them though. It's easy, and looks nice, but I'd rather be in my dresses and skirts. Does anyone else have this kind of silly relationship with their clothing?

Lady Chatterley's Lover;
Hair: My favourite $2 hairband
Necklace: Anthropologie Meadowlark cameo
Top: Anthropologie Secret Garden blouse
Cardigan: H&M mustard yellow cardigan
Bottoms: Urban Outfitters BDG overdye cigarette jeans
Shoes: Seychelles Kiss at Midnight / Anthropologie Hidden Sun mary-janes
Bag: SXSW Film tote (freebie!)

I'm so excited the fall appropriate mustard yellow is all over Anthropologie's fall offerings. I love this colour! I'm also dying to incorporate more orange into my wardrobe. The orange red of this top and my current book selection have really put the fire in me. Orange, in any shade, is a bit under appreciated in the fashion world but not during fall so I must take full advantage of this!


  1. I absolutely love all of the colors in this outfit! What a great pairing of items, it looks great!!

  2. I love this! Great bag as well. It's from SXSW? I hope I can get one like it at the one next year :D

    Are you going to SXSW 2011? I found a great site for rentals in Austin that I'm using.

  3. this is super cute! I just bought that H&M cardi too, such a fun color to play with. But I totally feel the way you do about dressing up. But lately I've been trying to ignore the 'fitting' in part and I've been wearing skirts and dresses to work, but I'll prob cave when the weather gets cooler anyway!

  4. Cindy - Thank you~! I love fall colours.

    Jennifer - Thanks! I got it from SXSW, yes, though I didn't attend. My company, for whom my mum also works, had a presence there and mum brought it back for me. I might go to SXSW 2011, fingers crossed!

    Lori - Thanks! I bought this cardigan last year and I wear it all the time. It goes great with even my favourite pinks.
    It's hard to dress for the office. Sometimes I get too self-conscious being over dressed or overly frilly and run into a jeans week. Most of the time I am pretty true to my girly roots though. ;)

  5. This outfit is amazing! I love the mustardy colors with the Secret Garden Top :)

  6. wow the colors in the outfit are amazing ... so me !!! :) .. .just discoved ur blog lady and just love it ...

    The Girl Who Loves Colorful Clothes

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