Saturday, November 6, 2010

a privy seal to keep the feel of 1960's style

Better late than never, I wanted to show off my Hallowe'en costume. I'm still in keeping with the style theme of my blog since I'm dressed as one of my style icons, Mad Men's Joan Holloway.

I have such a weak spot for 60s style. If I could, I would dress in vintage styles pretty much every day of the week. However those who have tried vintage shopping know what a disappointing chore it can be at times. You have to contend with your favourite finds being in questionably wearable condition and in only one size. Living in San Francisco for years, I'm not wanting for selection, but when you're a larger size, finding something that fits and is a style you want is almost impossible.
Trying on my best sassy Joan faces.

Luckily for me and my Joan ambitions, I found a seamstress on etsy who made perfect replicas of her costumes. I've never had a dress that fit this well in my life! Custom made dresses are definitely the way to go (amazing blogger Kristina J knows what I mean). I need to break out my old sewing machine and brush up on techniques so I can maybe give some of this a crack myself one day.

Joan's signature pen necklace was another modern replica, but my purse and earrings are actual 60s vintage. I had the necklace before the idea for the costume. With it I get to keep a bit of Joan in even my bland days full of t-shirts and jeans.

Overall the costume was a great success and makes me long for more replicas of 60s dresses. Also, I have to admit I look pretty good as a redhead! 

With Boyfriend, as the
X-Men character Gambit.

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