Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reviews; Field Skirt, Laced with Grace Dress, and Spinning Lace Dress

I've decided to try my hand at a few Anthropologie reviews since I recently indulged in three full priced items. With free shipping back, I ordered the items online to try on from the comfort of my home. Please excuse the smudge filled mirror and my shoe-less after work style!

First up the latest version of the Field Skirt ($78);

To be perfectly blunt, I hated this skirt! I was excited to try it because I missed out on all the previous versions that Anthro released (Circle the Globe, et al) and they seem to have a lot of love from other bloggers. I thought the corduroy fabric on this version made me look frumpy. I tried on my true size (10) and the pull on, elastic style rather than being at all forgiving, was very stiff and clung uncomfortably to my body. I suppose that means it won't stretch out easily but yuck! I looked like a lumpy mess. Return for you, skirt.

Thankfully I had much better luck (too much luck I daresay) with my two lace adorned dresses.

Now this dress was definitely for me. I love the medium, sage green colour. Continuing on, that wide, defined waist is my best friend. With a full chest, the waists on Anthro's latest offerings have not been placed to flatter me but that's not true here. The sleeves also make a lovely and delicate bell shape. I used to be far more Free People than Anthropologie in my personal style, and the romantic boho feeling of this dress fits with that aesthetic very well. I was again in my true size (10) and it was perfect. Nothing was too tight or too loose. Brilliant! This is a keeper, even at full price!

Oh, Anthro. What's a girl to do against a dress like this? I already have a weakness for lace, roses, and full skirts, so if this fit well, I knew you'd win. Unfortunately for my wallet, it fit very well so I'm waving goodbye to my money. If I had one complaint about this gorgeous dress, it would be that the waist for me is slightly high, but it's not noticeable enough to talk me out of it. I'm still in my true size (10) which is a bonus! Tracy Reese normally calls me to size-up. I can't get over how soft and lovely the material is for the lace either - gorgeous!
See this again on Tien (adiaphane), and The British Anthropologi(e)st.

I decided to return my latest Anthro items to trade for the two lace dresses. I had been hunting for the Barbergh and Southward Stop dresses but once I finally had them, I was torn. The Southward Stop wasn't very flattering on my hourglass/pear shape. With the Barbergh my lack of self-confidence did me in. Despite my Hallowe'en as Joan, the form fitting style made me too nervous. Similarly I returned the Cascading Bow Dress for being both a bit form fitting and hard to style. Red is not my colour.
They were three beautiful dresses but three that would have neglected.

That about rounds up my first batch of reviews. If you've reviewed these items on your blog as well, feel free to drop me a comment and I'll link back to you!


  1. I particularly love the Laced With Grace dress on you. It looks really sheer, though. Do you think one could get away with wearing it to work?

  2. Thanks, Chrissy! The dress itself is actually totally sheer, but comes with a slip. The slip's neckline on me was quite demure, so with opaque tights, this is easily work appropriate, I think.

  3. Laced with Grace Dress ($168);
    looks good on you!!!

    and I want it too!!

    but.. i'm broke right now...

  4. The Spinning Lace Dress looks phenomenal on you! Great scores, Alissa!

  5. Both dresses look lovely on you! And they are so you! :)


  6. Yay for reviews, you did a great job for your first time Alissa! :) And ahhh, I am now convinced the Laced with Grace miiiight work on me -- my willpower is rapidly deteriorating!

  7. Keiko & Anjali - Thank you!
    Hopefully the Laced with Grace dress hits Bay Area stores soon so you guys can give it a try. I think it would work well on any woman which is the beauty of it!

    Tien & Lory - Thank you so much!

  8. I loved the dresses you decided to keep. They definitely have my attention and I feel safe since I haven't seen them in person, but once we meet, I'm scared my willpower will weaken tremendously. You look so pretty in the lace dresses, good choice!!

  9. Dea - Thank you so much! I admit these dresses are damn near impossible to resist. Hide your wallet!