Sunday, November 21, 2010

Lover's Stroll

I'm back with some new outfits of the day! Daylight savings and my work schedule have thrown a wrench into my normal updating plans but now I have some shiny new updates.

Lover's Stroll;
Hat: Accessorize (UK) crocheted beret
Necklace: Forever 21 gold, rose-adorned book locket
Dress: Anthropologie Waffle Weave Dress
Top: J.Crew tissue turtleneck in pale pink
Bag: Electric Love Letter pink rose handbag (found via Tien of adiaphane!)
Tights: Ruffian for Anthropologie brown lace tights
Shoes: Anthropologie Rensselaer T-straps

I never thought much of the lovely Waffle Weave dress until I made some Polyvore sets with a mini editor from Effortless Anthropologie some times ago. I really loved this set I made. Suddenly brown, plum purple, off-whites and pinks all came into my head and looked so beautiful together! I found a lone dress on sale a while ago and snapped it up. I desperately wanted to have a go at creating outfits based on my polyvore set. I've recreated it almost exactly with the Wish You Were Here cardigan but in the colder weather, the turtleneck here was a must.

I have to thank Tien, whom I linked above, for sharing where she got this lovely handbag. I saw it and ordered it almost on auto-pilot. I always, always, always want more pink and more roses in my life. I normally end up carrying such large handbags, but the forced simplicity of this tiny bag is actually a quite freeing. With only the essentials, I get to just run out the door and run around without being bogged down.


  1. Thanks for the linking love! I think you look wonderful. I love the cap and layering. I should use that bag more!

  2. I own this dress as well and love the inspiration you've provided with your outfit!

  3. Tien - Of course~! I'm so glad you linked the bag in the first place so I could get my hands on it.

    Dea - Thank you! It's really easy to layer which I love about it!

  4. Hi, I've asked you this before about another dress that you own (Grasby Gardens), but would you mind telling me what size you purchased this dress in (Waffle Weave)? By the way, I ordered the Grasby Gardens in a size 10 and the fit was perfect. I'm now on the hunt for this dress as well, and need to know how it fits. Thanks so much for your help!

  5. Hey Shari,
    Sorry for my delayed reply. I took a size M in the Waffle Weave dress. It fits very well, almost too tight, but I tried a size L and it was too baggy for my waist and shoulders. The skirt is already pretty wide for hips so any bigger is also way too much. Hope you track it down!