Friday, January 14, 2011

White Whales

I always have fun reading other bloggers talk about "the one that got away." I have a number of Anthropologie pieces from the era before I could really afford the store's offerings that I'm hoping one day to track down. Since the current catalogue at Anthropologie is disappointingly devoid of items I'm crazy about (the Sing Sweetly dress as a notable exception), let's talk about past beauties!

I am far too obsessed with dresses for my own good, so most of my past wants are dresses.
First, the Preserves Party Dress. I never saw this in stores so I couldn't even try it on for fun. What is not to like about a strawberry coloured party frock? I keep hoping Anthropologie will release another pink, structured dress like this but so far no luck! This is probably the one item I've never seen on eBay.

The Whooo...Are...You...? Dress wins the prize for silliest product name. I tried this on in stores and despite living on $100 a month at that point, I had a crazy fantasy of charging it. The print is beautiful birds and fairies, and with an Alice in Wonderland, ultra quirky name, I must own this!

I have lost The Long Look Coat Dress on eBay at least three times now. I fear this one was never meant to be mine.

Though I own the very similarly coloured Tawny Garden Dress, I still loved the Elding Slip Dress when I tried it on. The gold overlay is so dreamy and old-world.

The Lantern's Glow Dress was the first item I went on a quest to track down, though it was ultimately a failure. It was definitely a case of trying to own something I couldn't afford, so it was probably for the best at the time. Still, with a sweetheart embellishment and birds in the skirt, I hope I can find this one day.

I had actually forgotten the Flute Song Skirt until my mum unearthed my old Anthro catalogue collection. Pink, scallops, flowers and this skirt is the cutest.

I think both the mint Art Deco Mary-Janes and the Floe & Current Coat are items every Anthropologie lover has on their wishlist. My mum is even still bugging me about the coat, and the next item, the Scalloped Spat Boots, telling me to stalk eBay. I've never seen my size in either but I still look!

I've never seen the Spiced Wine Boots in person, but I dream about finding these too. If any blogger out there has these, I'd love to see them shown off in outfit posts to live vicariously!

The last two items are home pieces. I didn't notice the Plucked Petals measuring spoons going on sale and suddenly they were gone from my local stores.
When I moved last summer, my dad accidentally broke my beloved flower shaped bowls. I haven't found any bowls to replace them that I fancy, though Anthropologie's Latte Bowls come close. I did a search and found they used to come in petal pink and now I'm hoping Anthro will re-release that colour!

Phew, this is a long post, I know! Please share your own wishes in the comments, I'd love to commiserate!


  1. I also wish I would have picked up The Long Look Coat Dress and the Elding Slip Dress. But, the one true item that got away from me was the Chie Absinthe Heels (see my avatar).

    By the way, did Kierland have the Autumn Obi Blouse for you?

  2. Oh I really hope you find them! They are a gorgeous shade of green. Chie Mihara shoes are amazing. I was thinking of listing two of her shoes on here (the Mallard Heels and the Coeur Heels) but I tried to limit it to my top 10 clothing/shoe items.

    Thanks for the tip and following up! Kierland said no when I called, but that's okay for now. I may have found one of the items in this post...!

  3. This post is great, I always enjoy seeing other Anthro lovers' past item wishlists. You have some lovely lovely items highlighted!

    I have the Whooo Are You dress -- I am embarrassed to say I picked it up in my store for a scant $10. Best Anthro score, maybe ever.

  4. Anjali - Ooh I'm so jealous you grabbed that dress for $10! I'd love to have an Anthro item i liked for such a steal, let alone one of my top 10 items! That being said though, I want to see you wearing it. I hope to see it on your blog soon. :D

  5. Oooh, I'm a big fan of the dresses you posted. I can't believe Anjali got such a great deal on the who are you dress! That one was definitely my favorite of the four you posted.

    The sketched danios dress is, for some reason, relatively high on my list of dresses I'm trying to acquire. I've avoided delving too far into the pre-2010 Anthro world as I'm sure my list of wants would be endless.

  6. That Leifsdottir coat is such a gorgeous color and style. I wish we saw more of that robin's egg blue color in clothing/accessories! BTW, I saw this purse on ModCloth that reminded me of you; it's called the Breezy Bouquet Basket Bag and it really seems to go with your style! Thanks for the fun read :)

  7. JG - The great deal she got is indeed spectacular! I love hearing stories of that. It inspires me to hope one day I will happen upon one myself. ;)

    The Sketched Danios dress is so lovely! I love the green in it. And yes, pre-2010 Anthropologie is dangerous. I couldn't afford the store then like I can now and so I just pine after pieces like crazy! It was hard to make this list stop at 10 clothing items!

    Anon - I love robin's egg blue too! I would give so much for more clothing in that hue.

    That purse is also adorable! How sweet of you to think of me. Thank you!