Thursday, September 2, 2010

Love, love, love

Love is all you need;
Skirt: Modcloth This Skirt is All You Need
Top: Anthropologie Rare Bloom tee in pink
Legwear: Hue opaque black tights
Shoes: Seychelles Kiss At Midnight mary-janes in black
Bag: Coach Madison / Sabrina in pink
Eyewear: Betsey Johnson floral sunglasses
Necklace: Silver birdcage (gift from a friend)

I never spend too much on sunglasses since I will break or lose them. Most of the time it is not through my own carelessness, just simple bad luck. I found this Betsey pair on Ruelala for a bargain so I decided to keep up the cheap eyewear tradition, but with a slight upgrade in quality. The detailing on them is adorable!

This skirt is one of my favourite purchases from ModCloth. I can't resist birds! Beatles inspired name aside though this skirt is actually a lot of trouble for me to style. I tried my best with this outfit, but I wasn't sure if I truly liked the silhouette with the shape of the Rare Bloom tee. I was more in love with the sweetness of the colour and flower than the shape. I need to keep trying to get something worthy of the LOVE embroidery. I really wanted to temper the sweetness with the black tights and shoes, but I'd really like to get some gray shoes to go with it instead!


  1. Great outfit! The skirt is really cute! I'm a big fan of birds. I never order from modcloth because I don't want to pay $15 or whatever it is to ship one item.

    I definitely think pink is your color.

  2. ModCloth's shipping is really harsh. It's also a bit slow if you're in CA which makes me sad. Pieces like this are really worth it to me once in a while though. They sell great bathing suits for example that I had a hard time finding elsewhere.

    Thank you, Tien! There will be so much pink on this blog. *laughs*

  3. hi! I love every piece in this outfit!!
    and wow, 私マリンカウンティに住んでますよ!!近いですね!!
    here's my blog!!

  4. ありがとう! スカートはかわいいですけど、ブラウスと準備することが難しいです。
    近いですね! アンソロポロジーが好きな、ベイエリアに住んでいる女子が多いですね。:)

    P.S. 私の日本語は悪くなってしまいました。ごめんね! でもKeikoさんのブログを読んでみます。

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