Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thistle & Pearl

Phew what a long week! Between working late, catching up with old friends, and seeing Boyfriend's band, I have been crazy busy. I meant to throw this entry up earlier in the week since it's an older outfit but ah well. Like I alluded to in my last entry, it's so freeing to create outfits when I don't have to go into the office. This dress is so comfortable, it's like wearing pajamas. I adore the few UO dresses I have that are button-up rather than hidden side zipper. Invisible zippers are my nemesis! I'm always terrified of breaking them since they're all so precious and delicate. At least with buttons, I can easily repair a problem myself.

I bought this petticoat on a total whim. I thought it might come in handy one day, and now I can't imagine wearing this dress without it. I didn't care for the tunic bottom of the dress and the petticoat gives it a more traditional looking hem to the outfit.

I added a brown cardigan when going out in the evening, but forgot to include it in my outfit shots. It toned down the "pajama" look of the ensemble for dining out.

Thistle & Pearl;
Necklace: Accessorize y-shape floral necklace
Dress: Urban Outfitters eyelet dress by Thistle & Pearl
Bottom: Anthropologie Scant Summer Petticoat
Legwear: Looks from London antique blue rose tights (purchased from ModCloth)
Shoes: Steven Madden button mary-janes
Outwear: H&M slouchy dark brown cardigan (not pictured)


  1. This dress is so sweet and lovely, and the tights are absolutely wonderful; they make the outfit!! Great look Alissa. (And I love the Scant Summer Petticoat too...I find it so convenient for adding an inch or two to extra short dresses :))

  2. dang that's a petticoat? I need to start looking at Anthro's petticoats more often. That's just gorgeous peeking out from there. And those tights are so cool!

  3. Anjali - Thanks! I love those tights as well. They have a bunch of other colour combinations as well. Tempting!

    Lori - I hadn't noticed the petticoat until it was in the sale section of my local store. I tried it on, peaking out under a plain pink skirt and the deal was sealed. They'll probably have another one this spring!

  4. I just found your blog, and as I was clicking back through your older posts, I couldn't believe it. I have this same dress (and absolutely love it)! You're the first blogger I've seen with this dress as well. I'm definitely a new follower now. :)

  5. Thanks for following, Elizabeth!
    This dress is so comfortable and cute, I'm glad to meet another girl who loves it.