Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blair Waldorf

I've been resisting for a while, but I have to admit that I've fallen for Gossip Girl. I love my bubble gum TV, especially when it involves people as well dressed as Blair Waldorf. I have lusted after nearly everything she's worn. While I don't have the money to afford most of it, I decided to try my best with my closet of high street items to create something in Blair's style. Sure my dress is H&M rather than Chanel, my pearls are fake, and my Mulberry is from Target, but I think I captured the spirit of Ms Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf;
Hair: Forever21 ivory bow hairban
Dress: H&M pale pink dress with black trim (thanks to Anjali of goldenmeans for posting about this dress a few seasons back!)
Cardigan: Old Navy white ruffle trim cardigan
Necklace: Anthropologie Perpetual Spring pearl beaded necklace
Legwear: Ruffian for Anthropologie Lacy Vine tights
Shoes: Steve Madden heaven leather flat
Bag: Mulberry for Target patent satchel

The one item I could see Blair approving of are my couture Ruffian tights. I wish I had bought multiple pairs of these when Anthropologie sold them last year. They are nothing like any other pair of tights I've owned. I definitely see the allure of couture hosiery now.


  1. the main message i am continually getting from your blog is that i need to get a real job stat so that i can buy pretty clothes. also that i have zero accessories and it is starting to seem like a bad thing.

  2. I think Blair would approve of your outfit! Plus, it wouldn't be as fun if we could all afford the exact same things - where would the creativity be in that?

  3. Morgie - Aw accessories are definitely fun! They don't have to be expensive though. I normally stick to Forever21 for my necklaces/hair items and DSW for cheap shoes (they give a lot of good coupons with their free membership cards).

    Lisa - Thank you! Yes that is true, it was a fun little challenge. I love dressing with a theme!

  4. u look so adorable in ur outfit and that necklace is such a darling .. super cute ...

  5. super cute. you really did a great job and it's even better that those clothes aren't chanel, prada etc. So more people can afford it :)