Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve [Christmas Outfit 2 of 3]

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! I've taken a nice break from blogging to enjoy what was one of the best Christmas celebrations I've ever had. I've a bit caught up in the happy spirit so forgive me for neglecting to comment on post out there! Starting today I have a few posts lined up, first to finish off my holiday celebrations off, then to show off some of my beautiful gifts.

For Christmas Eve, I like to sparkle and go as over the top girly and fun as I can. I wore nothing but pink tulle and lace last year, and this year I couldn't resist the Spinning Lace dress. I've been wearing this dress quite often, and I admit this isn't my favourite outfit I've made with it, but it was festive and sparkly fun none the less. I wanted to match my mum's adorable mini tree in the dining room. She always gets one smaller tree that is nothing but shades of blue, silver, and pale gold. My two new accessories in their shades of pearly taupe, blue and subtle gold shimmer were perfect accents.

Christmas Eve;

Hair: Anthropologie Floating Gardenia hairband
Dress: Anthropologie / Tracy Reese Spinning Lace dress
Top: H&M taupe shrug
Belt: Anthropologie Dewy Sash belt in blue
Necklace: Topshop floral cameo necklace
Legwear: Hue tights in blue
Shoes: Steve Madden Ulltra gold glitter heels

I look forward to catching up on the holiday looks sported by the Anthropologie blogging community over the weekend!


  1. The dress looks beautiful on you. Can I ask about the fit...did you stick with your usual size or go up one as some did? I'm a little torn on whether the one I have will loosen up a bit or if I should exchange it for a size up.

  2. LC - Thanks! I reviewed the dress in an earlier post and I stuck with my true size. It's very fitted in the bust but any bigger would have been -too- big. Hope that helps!

  3. Oh that dress looks gorgeous on you! I love how you styled it up, the spinning lace dress is such a fantastic piece! Happy 2011!

  4. Thank you, Lisa! Happy New Year!

  5. What can I say other than perfection? I think you styled this dress in a way that is not only wearable for day, but also warm and comfortable. This is truly an Alissa dress.

  6. Why thank you, Tien! Slightly embarrassingly I've got another post queued up also featuring this dress. I've had so many outfit ideas for it, I can't help it!