Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Women

Every time the seasons change, I decide the current season must be my favourite. Truthfully, they're all my favourite since I live in the lovely and mild Bay Area California. Our winter is about as cold as I like things to get. We get temperatures just cold enough to call for wool coats now and again which is all I need. I have some gorgeous outerwear, so it's time to show it off.

Little Women;
Hat: Accessorize (UK) crocheted beret
Hair: H&M pale pink bow clip
Outer accessories: Urban Outfitters bird applique scarf & lace fingerless gloves
Coat: Old Navy wool peacoat in bottle green
Cardigan: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice cardigan in green
Necklace: Silver birdcage (gift)
Dress: H&M ivory ruffle shirt dress
Legwear: Target heather gray leggings
Bag: Urban Outfitters BDG Primary Satchel
Shoes: Anthropologie Winding Ruffle boots

I haven't done a post for a Clothbound Classic book in a little bit so I'm glad to post the latest entry in my series. I took a break from the classics for a bit to read a book loaned to me by a friend ("Hello, I'm Special" by Hal Niedzviecki) and to catch up on some past New Yorkers, but I'm back to them now. I always like to read Little Women in the wintertime. The story makes me think of fireplaces, ice skating, and sipping hot chocolate. I am, in fact, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate as I sit here finishing this post.


  1. loved ur outfit .. I have been looking ofr a green coat for quite soem time now .. but never really found in a shade of green in my liking ... loved ur coat and that scraf is so freaking cute .. birds bugs and bees and I am sold :)

  2. Swati - Thank you! I adore green coats! I hope you find one this season! I think Macys had a few cute options.
    UO always has adorable woodland creature accessories this time of year - check it out!