Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sing Sweetly & lost imagination...

This will be brief, dear blogging world, because I must run off to do about a thousand things for Christmas preparation. I just had to check in with some new arrivals at Anthropologie and I was delighted to find this new dress. Oh yes, Sing Sweetly Party Dress, you will be mine. Anthropologie always seems to know there is no resisting birds. Their last bird themed dress, the Snowy Egret Shift, was a disaster on me, much to my displeasure. I think I will have far more luck with this frock. I have to tap into my restraint until after Christmas though and oh will that be tough. Are there any early January arrivals tempting your wallet?

Speaking of a lack of will power, I picked up a few sale and FP items during Anthro's unexpected 25% off sale. Sadly the item I was most excited to get, my blue Artist's Imagination Necklace (right), was canceled from my order. It's so small I'm not sure I'll track it down and pay for shipping on a charge send since that would negate the brilliant discount. I was dying for this necklace to go on sale and it slipped through my fingers. My local store never had this lovely thing so alas I think I'm going to go without it. I did at least pick up a few belts and a blouse for a tidy price. Did anyone else indulge in this rare percent sale?
The rest of my order; Floating Gardenia Headband, Celia Blouse ($28), Soft Bow Belt ($11), Dewy Dash Belt ($15), Climbing Ticket Pullover.


  1. I hardly ever do strapless dress, but I am totally in love with the chickadee print! You would totally rock it, and of course, you'll have to throw in your signature pink! And um... I've been pretty bad recently. I picked up the Peppered and Striped Skirt at full price, but I did score Leifsdottir Simian Tableau Skirt for $29.95 + 25% off. I mean, it's a way bigger size than I normally wear, but surprisingly fits pretty well. I am such a sucker for quirky.

  2. Strapless dresses aren't my normal fare either but I tend to layer them with blouses or at least always keep an cardigan on.
    Ooh yes I have a few pink items that would go great with this dress.
    That's awesome! I love the Peppered and Striped Skirt but it long ago sold out in my size. I can't wait to see you style it and the Simian Tableau skirt.

  3. This dress is one of my favorites from Anthro lately...TBH they haven't produced a ton of frocks I'm excited about it lately, but this one is absolutely adorable and super sweet. Like you and Tien I am scared of strapless dresses, but I am trying to convince myself it will work =)

    I actually didn't buy much with the 25% off promo -- just the Soft Bow belt in tan, though now I am wishing I got it in gray as well. LOVE all of your sale purchases though...just the color scheme that they fall into alone is so pleasing :)

  4. I am totally with you, Anjali. I haven't been excited about a lot of Anthro's offerings lately. Everything that did spark my interest has been a disaster once I tried it on.
    Some strapless dresses can be layered well with blouses which makes me feel better about wearing them. I also just keep myself glued into my cardigan when wearing them.

    Sigh, I thought they went together nicely as well. Unfortunately I got my order today and all the sale items were either missing from my order (replaced with the wrong items) or didn't fit. Anthro doesn't have them in stock to replace so I'm pretty disappointed! Maybe I can find something at today's tag sale...

  5. i saw that dress on the website and my first thought was "i want it but i can't have it and alissa will buy it and i will be jealous." if i'm amazingly lucky it will somehow not sell out and last until it can go on sale and i can buy it. or i can just gawk when you wear it once you buy it.