Monday, January 10, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Catching up on the last of the winter holidays, here is my New Year's Eve ensemble. New Year's seemed like the perfect place to display my Lanvin for H&M dress. Gray with a gold sash seemed perfectly festive, and easily matched with other shiny accessories. I'm becoming more fond of gold lately so I again broke out the Ulltra glitter heels. I had to add a few nods to the holiday with my jewelry choices.

I'm into dressing a bit literally when it comes to holidays or occasions, as corny as that seems. I know that's a bit "too much" for some people, but I find it so fun. Maybe that's my old theatrical penchant for wearing costumes. Honestly if I could dress in costumes on a daily basis, I would probably give in to that temptation. Do you consciously match a holiday or event when you dress up?

Happy New Year;
Dress: Lanvin ♥ H&M gray tulle dress with gold sash
Necklaces: Forever21 faux pocket watch & double key necklaces
Rings: Modcloth Time on Your Hands clock ring & silver rabbit ring (gift from a friend)
Legwear: Anna Sui for Anthropologie Minuet in 3/4ths tights
Shoes: Steve Madden Ulltra gold glitter heels

The Lanvin dress is almost overwhelming in its volume but that is exactly what I adored about the look. I had to sit with my dress half on my friends' laps at my New Year's Eve party, but everyone found it entertaining. This dress is definitely a fantasy and I'm so happy I could indulge for New Year's. I also got to break out my new Anna Sui pink gold shimmer lip gloss and the Paul & Joe rosegold nail polish to match the outfit. I had to take the latter off before the photos but I'll feature it again one day soon.


  1. Ahh, I'm so envious of your gorgeous Lanvin x H&M frock! It is frilly, frothy perfection on you :) You wear it so well (love the cascade of gold necklaces!). And your rabbit ring is totally adorable.

  2. Thank you! The dress is straight out of a fantasy world and so much fun to wear. If only all my clothes were that much fun!

  3. Super cute Alissa, you look like a doll and what a perfect outfit to celebrate the new year!

  4. So glad to finally see this dress on you! Boy does it ever have Alissa written all over it!

  5. i couldn't help it but comment how beautiful your dress looks on u. it's beautiful!

  6. Dea - Thank you! It's fun to feel so frilly.

    Tien - Thanks!! It was hard to wait until NYE to wear it but it needed a special night.

    Anon - Thank you very much! I hope you'll come out to comment again.