Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Once Upon a Dream

A little while ago, Boyfriend kindly took me to visit the Walt Disney museum on the Presidio. From its modest front doors, I wasn't sure what to expect of the place. Once inside, I was blown away by how well it was put together, and how engaging each of the exhibits were. After my family's visit to Disneyworld over Thanksgiving, I've been feeling so nostalgic for Disney films.

Since I was already indulging my childhood spending a day learning about Walt Disney and his creations, I grabbed all my girliest accessories. I've been obsessing over my Spinning Lace Dress since I got it, so here it is with a princess inspired take.

Once Upon a Dream;

Dress: Anthropologie Spinning Lace dress
Cardigan: Anthropologie angora bow sweater
Bag: Electric Love Letter pink rose handbag (found via Tien of adiaphane!)
Legwear: WeLoveColors Mocha tights
Shoes: Poetic License School Girl heels in brown
Accessories: Urban Outfitters metal filigree stretch belt
Anthropologie Jazz Age Cloche
Forever21 double key necklace
Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband
Pink rose scarf from a Paris street vendor

I've said before I love to go a little over the top a times. All the roses and pink here are definitely a bit much, but sometimes I need to embrace my inner little girl. Like many little girls, I wanted nothing more than to be a Disney princess. You can see some glimpses of Boyfriend, reflected in the trophy cases, and with me while trying to snap a photo of my shoes. He is so sweetly indulgent of my eccentricities. I know I bring out the child in him too with my silly fantasies, and with my ever-present pink and florals. I may not be a real princess, but I've found someone to play along as my prince.


  1. Your shoes are gorgeous, as is the rest of your outfit!

  2. You look fantastic! That dress is just divine!
    Kristina J.

  3. Kristin and Kristina, thank you both!!

  4. I've just discovered your blog. I did a google image for the Peggy Sue dress and your blog came up. I adore your uberlicious vintage style :)

  5. Thanks for joining, Lisa! Sorry it's during a lull but hopefully soon I'll be back with more to share!