Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Christmas Carol [Christmas Outfit 3 of 3]

I have been meaning to post these outfits for some time, but as they say, life got in the way. After my lovely, relaxing holidays, I'm sorry to say my family lost one of its oldest friends. A longtime friend of my dad's passed away, and though he's not one to show a lot of emotion, he's devastated. My mum was out of town at the time, so in-between some long work hours, I tried my best to take care of him for the last week. I've really been quite sad about things for my ole dad. I know you always idealize your parents, like even as they get old, to you they just can't be that old, but he really is too young to be losing his friends this way. It's hard to start the new year this way. At least after some reminiscing with other friends and his friends' family, my dad's in better spirits today.

Here is the last of my belated Christmas celebration outfits. The gorgeous dress was a Christmas present from my mum. I decided I couldn't wait to wear it. I found it was perfect to make a good impression on Boyfriend's grandparents, whom I met for the first time on Christmas Day.

A Christmas Carol;
Dress: Anthropologie Peggy Sue dress
Necklace: Accessorize brown and peach Y-drop necklace
Cardigan: Old Navy ruffle cardigan
Legwear: Accessorize white lace tights
Shoes: Steve Madden brown kitten heels (superrrr old!)

On the mantle behind me, you can see some of my mum's Scandinavian Santas, as well as a bit of the Anthropologie "Happy Holidays" garland I purchased last New Year. The garland is simple cream, with silver, gold, and green beading with dangling leaves to embellish it. At over $100 before the holidays, I never thought to buy it. However after Christmas sales at a mere $20, it had to be mine. I got to show it off this year and it's just as gorgeous as I remember.

I've also sneakily included another entry in my book set, showing off Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." I couldn't let the holidays end without reading this story at least once.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your family friend. Events like that are always sobering :/ On a more positive note though, you look super lovely. And it made me smile to see A Christmas Carol in your hand! I love that you often include those beautiful editions in your outfit sets :)

  2. Thank you for your condolences and your compliments, Anjali.
    I'm slowly but surely attempting to feature every Clothbound in an outfit post as I read my way through them!

  3. Great job on impressing the fam, Alissa. The Peggy Sue dress is stunning on you, and it does give me pangs of want seeing you in it. Sigh. Budgets are budgets and if I ever want to ugprade my camera gear, I have to stick to my savings plan.

  4. Bravo for sticking to budgets, Tien! I've been a bit loose with mine over the holidays but I'm going to be tough on myself and try something of a closet clean-out again. I have my eye on some pricey electronics too.