Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Alright, here is one of my favourite Christmas gifts I received this year. I love this silly polar bear sweater so much! I'm never one for "animal print" clothing, but images of actual animals, I'm all about. Urban Outfitters and their other brands are always good for a quirky animal or two on a dress, sweater, skirt, scarf, you name it.

Top: Urban Outfitters Polar Bear pullover
Necklace: Urban Outfitters typewriter initial necklace
Bottom: Anthropologie Alena skirt in pink & Anthropologie Scant Summer Petticoat
Legwear: Hue black tights
Shoes: Steve Madden black buckle boots
Bag: Pink lace bag from karmaloop
Outerwear: DKNY ivory ruffle peacoat
Accessory: Soft pink scarf (gift)

I'm still sad I missed out on Anthropologie's Shrewd Stitches Stole which I think, along with this sweater, were the silliest (read: cutest!) animal items released over the holidays. Unlike my foxy friend, the polar bear was a far more wallet friendly price for this much whimsy. I felt a lot less guilty putting this on my Christmas list.

I don't show it off enough, but the Alena skirt from Anthropologie is one of my best loved articles of clothing. I wish Anthro offered a few more items so perfectly pale pink. The pale pink helped me keep everything icy in theme but not totally monochromatic. I'm all for bringing a bit more colour into my outfits, especially if that colour is pink.

I've also grabbed one of my favourite pieces of outwear to show off. I'm a sucker for cream coats, no matter how impractical they are in practice. Cream just looks so beautiful in winter! I love to be able to stand out from the sea of black.


  1. You look so pretty! I love white in the winter and your coat is gorgeous!
    I also love that petticoat under the Alena.
    Lastly, do you mind sharing what Etsy seller you bought that pink lace bag from? I'd love one!

  2. Thanks, Kim!
    I don't actually know who made it, otherwise I would gladly have linked it when sharing the bag. My friend gave it to me as a birthday gift. I will investigate and ask her and give a link next time!

  3. That pullover is ADORABLE!!! You look so cute.

  4. That polar bear sweater is pretty darn precious!

  5. Ooh, is that one of the Peter Jensen sweaters? It is so kitschy and awesome! Love it over the Alena Skirt (and love the skirt over the Scant Summer Petticoat, I will have try that myself!). And that typewriter necklace! The cutest of its kind I've seen. Adding it to my UO cart right now! :)

  6. Thanks ladies!
    And Anjali, I am not sure if it's Peter Jensen. I don't think so, though. And also, get the necklace! It's so cute and such a nice touch even with other necklaces.

  7. I saw that Polar Bear sweater online, and it looks even better on you! I love that you wore it with polar bear themed colors.