Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Great Expectations

A new book, a new look. I think I might get a few more days out of this one though. Dickens is not exactly one for brevity...

Last winter, I decided to buy two pieces out of my comfort zone. I was feeling confident in my style and myself as a whole, so I wanted to try something that would normally intimidate me. I had admired the current trend of short shorts with tights and heels, but wondered if I, as a curvier girl, could pull it off. I decided to go for it anyway and you know, I loved it. The menswear style of these shorts makes them look classy and stylish despite their minute length. They were quickly were added to my favourite weekending outfits. I'm so excited it's fall again so I can bring them back into rotation.

I'm really fond of my other dramatic piece from last winter so look for that in an outfit post soon!

Great Expectations;
Hair: Urban Outfitters metal flower hairband
Cardigan: Anthropologie Blooming Lattice Cardigan in navy
Top: Forever21 lace blouse & F21 layering camisole
Necklace: Topshop floral cameo with charms
Trousers: Urban Outfitters menswear tweed shorts
Legwear: Hue brown tights (I have so many pairs of these...)
Shoes: Steve Madden brown, kitten heels (probably 5 years old!)

Oh goodness. Fellow Anthro Addicts, I did something I really shouldn't have last week. I tried on the Grasby Gardens dress and what a mistake that was! I thought it would most likely be a disaster on me, despite how pretty it looked, and I was dead wrong. Everything about the dress was perfection except of course the price! Even on sale I don't know that I can afford it. *Dramatic sigh*


  1. I love Great Expectations! The charm is so beautiful and goes so well with the menswear inspired look. You look great. I wouldn't have thought it was out of your comfort zone at all since you wear it so well.

  2. i love the look! i've been wanting to try that combo as well, with the same fear! you've given me a little more confidence to pull it off :) btw - i want to buy the penguin classics, too - i pass by the display every day at work.

  3. Tien - I'm am enjoying the book very much!
    Thank you for the compliments! I've moved the shorts into my comfort zone now which makes me proud.

    Deb - You should give it a go! I ended up feeling really great about myself as opposed to self-conscious. You couldn't ask for a better feeling from your outfit.

  4. You wore this to Dylan Moran, right? Did you get Tess of the D'Urbervilles in your collection?? I love that book. I want was tempted to get it.

  5. Sera Pie - Thank you very much!

    Mitra! - Yay you're at my blog! I did wear this to Dylan Moran and I did get Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I think I'm going to read that one next. You should get it from amazon. The clothbounds were only $13 a piece from there which is the cheapest I've found them.

  6. This outfit totally is so wonderfully Dickensian. Love the shorts with tights look, you pull it off so well.

  7. Thank you so much! The compliments on this look make me so happy. A few years ago I would have been terrified to wear this!

  8. You look so fabulous! I adore this outfit. The shorts are too cute and the styling is great!

  9. Jesspgh - thanks so much! And thanks for following~!