Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Picture of Dorian Gray

My regular photographers were M.I.A.
Forgive the strange photo style!
Labor day weekend always goes by too fast. It hardly feels like I had any extra time off at all. The weather however, was markedly different upon returning to my office in The City today. Summer was barely here for Northern California and already the dark clouds have rolled back in to cover any hopes of sun. This outfit was truly covered up with my Two-Paths Trench from Anthro, but I forgot to put it back on when taking photos in the slightly warmer climate of my South Bay backyard.

I finally broke down and bought all the Penguin Clothbound Classics (well, all the available titles) since they few I had were too pretty to sit lonely on my shelf. Similarly, the one I was reading today was too pretty to stay in my bag, so I couldn't resist posing with it in today's photos. This might continue on as I make my way through the collection. I've started by rereading "The Picture of Dorian Gray" as the dark clouds put me in the mood for a bit of Gothic writing.

Red Roses;
Cardigan: Gold H&M cardigan
Top: CAbi lace top
Necklace: European Robin by N2
Skirt: Anna Sui for Anthropologie Russelliana Skirt
Legwear: Brown opaque tights from Hue
Shoes: Anthropologie's Bouquet of Roses heels

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