Sunday, September 12, 2010

Treasure Island

I forgot how quickly I burn through fiction books. The university experience really derailed much of my interest in them and so I've had my nose firmly buried in history, political theory, and academic journal entries for the last six years. I finally decided to pull up with my new clothbound classics collection and I finished my first selection in a few hours. I'm on to "Treasure Island" now, which unlike "Dorian," I have never read. I love it! Even knowing the classic plot and characters, it's still fun to read and makes me long for tropical waters and sandy beaches. Ah, if only summer weren't ending...

Treasure Island;
Cheap, drugstore hairband
Top: Anthropologie Picture Frame Blouse in green
Necklace: Juicy Couture charm necklace
Belt: Anthropologie High Prairie Belt
Skirt: Anthropologie Penciled Abronia Skirt
Legwear: Hue tights in brown
Shoes: New Look kitten heel brogues (super old)
Bag: Pink tote (gift from my mum)

This outfit is a quick, go-to work look. When I first tried on both the skirt and top, I tried them on like this and fell in love. I waited for the blouse to go on sale, but this skirt had to come home with me as soon as possible. I love pencil skirts, but too often they only come in neutral colours. This one is so beautiful, and while better suited to spring, I feel any time of year is right for flowers.


  1. I love your header. I too have a picture frame in my header and change the image once a month or so. I recognize the picture from the Anthroholic Readers Submissions.

    You seem to be able to wear both full and pencil skirts.

    Ahhh....reading! I no longer seem to have time except for blogs.


  2. Thank you, Laura!
    I love the idea of changing the picture in the frame! I think I'm probably going to stick with this one for a while since I don't think I'll look that fancy again in a while. ;)

    It took me a while to come around to pencil skirts. I used to be too self-conscious for them but I've really embraced Anthro's quirky ones.

    I have a long train commute to work so I've forced myself to spend it reading lately. :)

  3. now i have something else to procrastinate on the internet with. your shopping skills are impressive. even though i now know your sale secrets, i doubt i'll ever utilize them. i'll just keep saving my pennies for the full price... morgan

  4. Hah, hey Morgan!!
    I'll still stalk your Cascading Bow Dress and let you know when it hits the sale rack! ;)

  5. I love your mix of colors, patterns and layering in this outfit -- everything is so representative of what I like so much about your style :) And that charm necklace! Adore.

  6. Aw thank you, Anjali! The charm necklace actually came with this awesome mauve bust as its case/display. I bought it for that and the fact that it was actually cute was a bonus! ;)