Sunday, September 19, 2010

You've lost your lipgloss, honey...

Boyfriend snapped a few photos of me while we were getting ready to meet some friends on Saturday night. The lighting in my room and the candid snaps made these feel a bit fuzzy and nostalgic looking. I cleaned them up a bit in Photoshop to show off the true colour of the outfit, but maybe I should have left more of the sepia tone! :)

I love going out on Friday or Saturday night (or working from home) so I can pick from my less formal collection of clothing. My workplace is super laid back about the dress code, so I can wear all the fun Anthro pieces I want, but still, I'm not going to show up in party dresses. I fell in love with a lot of British high street fashion while I lived in England. That style is a bit more youthful and party orientated than what I wear for my working life.  I still indulge in a few "going out" pieces from my favourite UK retailers now and again.

Dress: Miss Selfridge pink rose print dress
Cardigan: Forever 21 pink pin dot and lace cardigan
Necklace: Forever21 rose book locket
Tights: Hue opaque black tights
Shoes: Madden Girl patent black heels
Bag: Accessorize blush pink chain clutch


  1. What a lovely mix of soft pink colors in this outfit! You look delightful. And oh, how I miss highstreet retailers. I have 2 Topshop and M&S orders I'm dying to make but the shipping here is killing me.

  2. Oh M&S is so good. I still miss browsing their comfortable but cute shoes! And Topshop I miss like old friend.
    What are you thinking of ordering?

  3. Wow, your hair is just gorgeous! Out of curiousity (having never been to Britain), what is Britain high fashion like? Could you point me toward a few designers?

    Also, I found you through Anthroholic's reader outfits post!

  4. Lori, thank you for visiting and the compliment!
    British high street fashion is just a term for UK chain retailers - like our mall shopping.
    My favourite stores are;
    Miss Selfridge
    New Look